About Me


My name is Andrea, and one day, I grew up.

I have no idea how or when that happened. Sometimes, I wonder if it did really happen, because I still feel like the same little girl who beat up the boys and was teacher’s pet and excelled at sports and was very insecure.

But then I have an out of body moment, and see a woman in the mirror. A soon-to-be 44 year-old woman. A woman I actually really, really like and admire! Sometimes I still see that little insecure girl dressed up in grown up clothes, heading off to the big girl office. To sit in meetings with very smart people who act very grown up. And I strategize with them and throw out my thoughts and ideas and these things just come out of my brain and mouth. And these smart other grown ups in the room listen to me and respect me. And I think, ‘When the heck did that happen? Who the heck is this woman and who does she think she is?’

That’s the career woman in me. Did I mention that somehow along the way I also became a mom? A really good mom too. A mom I am proud to be. Not a perfect mom. Just a real mom who tries hard to respect that my two kids are their own people, and my job is to help them be the best of themselves. I think I deserve an A for effort at least. To be honest I am completely winging it, since my relationship with my mom is not at all like that (I am sure there will be blogs on that topic). I never wanted to get married or have kids. Well I just never really thought or dreamt about it like most girls, I was more career focussed. And as an only child of divorced parents, well let’s just say I didn’t have a very good example of family life. But I always wanted to fall in love. So I did –  I fell in love with a different boy every couple of weeks, since first grade I think lol… Anyway I tried the marriage thing but it didn’t work out, but the mom thing? AMAZING!!! I love being a mom. Two boys, 12 and 15. Blogs on them to come too I’m sure. They may even contribute on my page – that would be very cool. For now all I want to say about those boys is that I truly respect, admire and love the people they are. I am very very blessed and must have done something right while this growing up business was taking place behind my back.

So here I am, starting a blog/website – not sure really yet what this will be. I have always loved to write. My mom pushed me to be a journalist, so I stopped writing (get the picture?). Then I started again about 13 years ago as a freelance copywriter/proofreader/translator when I decided to quit my job in an ad agency to stay home with my kids. Those were awesome years – talk about work/life balance! And now, I will write for fun. About anything and everything that sparks something in me. Just share with others, in the hopes that one day I have followers that I spark something in. If you are reading this, I hope you enjoy. Please comment and share as I would love to hear from you. xo


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